a warm note to say

As we prepare to give thanks during our Thanksgiving Day feasts, TransTech IT Staffing employees rounded up their list of unique things they are thankful for in 2015.

This year, we’re thankful for…

  1. “My two dogs and my Jeep in the snow.”

  2. “Chicago style pizza, Michigan football, Dunkin Donuts, and health.”

  3. “I’m thankful to be alive and well. At the age of 7 I was hit by a car and pronounced dead 15 minutes later, it’s a miracle I’m alive today.”

  4. “I’m thankful for bagels, oranges and hard work!”

  5. “Luke Bryan and Matt from Buzzfeed.”

  6. “Enjoying the amazing food on Thanksgiving and the Bears playing football.”

  7. “The Blindspot and my tradition of watching the Bears game on Sunday at 12pm with family and friends.”

  8. “The Bears and The Cubs with the hope of winning it next year!”

  9. “I’m thankful for my trainer and working out every morning. And Starbucks of course.”

  10. “My new wife and the fact that Jay Cutler is not the quarterback of my team.”

  11. “Internet radio, Christmas music, and popcorn.”

  12. “Vanilla lattes, Netflix, and cuddling with my kitty.”

  13. “My husband Ryan, our dog Riley, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s new movie, and Adele’s new album.”

  14. “I’m thankful for salted caramel ice cream mixers and the opportunity to live in the United States.”

  15. “I’m grateful for BMI charts because it gave me a reality check and showed that I need to start eating healthier.”

  16. “Thankful there are 132 days until the Cubs opening day. I’m also excited for all the holiday baking coming up.”

  17. “My old car still starts up every morning!”

  18. “I’m grateful for my friends, family and coworkers. Also for WhatsApp, the texting service that helps me keep in touch with my friends and family oversees.

  19. “Black Friday shopping, craft beer, and the Disney Jr. channel that keeps my kids entrained.”

  20. “Happy to have a husband that travels so that I get some time to myself!”

  21. “I’m thankful I have a mother-in-law that’s watching my son for a week so that my husband and I can go out, watch football, and drink beer. Adult life again!”

  22. “I’m thankful for my new home, and my puppy. I’m especially grateful that I finally have a garage just in time for snow.”

  23. “Now that i’m pregnant I’m really grateful for elastic waistbands. They make life much easier. Music also makes everything go faster.”

  24. “Thankful I have a cell phone to keep in touch with family during the holidays. Also happy to eat as much food as i want during Thanksgiving.”

  25. “The show Vanderpump Rules is back! And there is a Subway in my building.”

  26. “I’m thankful for my education at NIU.”

  27. “Dark chocolate, red wine, and Tom Brady’s beautiful and perfect face.”

  28. “My vet, Jen, who saved my dog from dying because she ate a pot holder. I’m grateful for Turner Classic Movies, my husband that cooks almost every night, social media, and my amazing team and company culture.”

  29. “Chocolate, wine, and family dinners on Sunday.”

  30. “Drake and showing my coworkers his music!”