At TransTech, we are fortunate to have amazing clients all over the United States. As a recruiter I’ve worked with many candidates interested in relocating to another state for work. Some live in remote areas or states that are affected by economic issues and seek employment by relocating. Whether you live in an area that has no job opportunities or simply want to make an exciting career move in another state, these top five tips can help you make that big transition easy!

1. Why do you want to move?

Hiring managers always have their guard up when speaking to out-of-state candidates and will need a compelling reason to hire someone that is not local. Be honest and clearly explain why you want to move.

Maybe you have family members there that you’d like to be closer to, or your partner has relocated to a new city and you are moving with them. Remember, hiring managers just want you to be honest and clear from the beginning.

2. Expand your network

No matter where you live you should always be networking with people located anywhere! Conferences and networking events are the best way to build your network. Should you ever need to relocate you’ll have a group of people that can make that professional adjustment much easier.

3. Create your employer wish list

It’s crucial to have a strong vision of where you’re headed. Make a list of desired employers within your target location. Tools like can help you discover and learn about local companies that would work best for you. Do your research and be proactive! Companies want to make sure that you fit into their culture, core values and job role.

4. Meet companies halfway

Once the interview requests start rolling in, make sure you work with the company to conduct interviews with you. If that means paying your own travel expenses then so be it. This is the best shot you have at making a lasting impression and getting the job. The most difficult obstacle hiring managers have when dealing with out-of-state candidates is interview and start date availability. The faster you tackle this problem, the faster the hiring manager can extend the offer.

5. Update your resume

Put your desired location on your resume. You can use the phrase “Relocating to Chicago” or even use the local address of friends or family living in your desired city. This will show that you’re serious and committed to moving to that new city.

These are just a few suggestions to make your out-of-state search less painful. Trying to find employment in another location is a long process and you need to be prepared. But as long as you are honest with employers and have reasonable expectations an out-of-state job search can be beneficial to your career.