Why Machine Learning Skills Pay Off

More than any other IT skill, machine learning has true longevity. The ability to program AI to overcome challenges without step-by-step instructions provides IT pros with rare job security. That’s not just in some distant sci-fi future. Having machine learning skills pays off right now as companies nationwide fight to remain ahead of an ever-advancing tide by acquiring the most competitive tech skills. Here’s what you can expect as you pursue machine learning jobs.

Increased Job Security

The list of companies looking for machine learning is growing.  For every Google and Amazon seeking out the hottest machine learning talent, numerous startups and evolving companies are looking to incorporate some level of machine learning into their repertoire.

Right now, the machine learning space is being influenced by three types of companies according to Forbes:

  • The Superrich – who pursue every innovation and moonshot that enters their crosshairs
  • The Servicers – who see the potential in machine learning as a service
  • The Innovators – who have a specific problem solvable only by machine learning

For job seekers acquiring machine learning skills, this means that the opportunities will never be one dimensional. Machine learning is relevant across industries and work environments, so job options abound.

The market supply for machine learning gurus is low because the technology has only recently gone mainstream and training has lagged behind the demand. As more university programs and online educational programs like Coursera incorporate machine learning into their curriculum, there will be a growing list of potential candidates for businesses. But right now, the shortlist for top candidates is going to be very short (so what an opportunity to jump on now!).

Additionally, many of the skills required of machine learning engineers or data scientists are transferrable to equally lucrative roles. Machine learning skills aren’t just the tools of the trade for think tanks, but require expertise in data modeling, probability and statistics, and algorithm writing. All of those skills can easily be applied to big data positions.

Competitive Compensation

Cutting edge technologies typically come with healthy compensation packages. Machine learning skills are no exception. On a national level, the average compensation for IT professionals with machine learning expertise varies from $65,436 – $163,091. That range is influenced by the disparity between the tech hubs embracing the technology and those who are reluctant to dip their feet into the water.

In Chicago, the demand is currently in the middle of the pack. Average pay for a Machine Learning Engineer is $109,674 and a Data Scientist with machine learning skills is $95,541 according to Payscale. Compensation has the potential to go higher under the right conditions.

Currently, a fair amount of machine learning jobs exist in Chicago IT job market through Fortune 500s and up-and-coming startups. However, we would need to see more companies like the 1871 incubator’s cybersecurity brain child Anomalix and parental location monitor manufacturer Jiobit exploring the full capacity of machine learning to create a healthy and high paying job ecosystem.

Improved Understanding of Your Current Skills

Want to improve your existing skills? Machine learning is a great way to do it. Because the level of precision in machine learning platforms is on par with that of an atomic clock, any skill used in the process of writing these algorithms or building platforms needs to be sharp.

Take your programming skills. Machine learning skills emphasize the importance of all the moving parts working together fluidly. One out-of-whack component can undercut the accuracy of your platform’s analytical or learning capabilities.

The attention to detail that those with machine learning skills acquire during their training carries over into their other coding activities. Syntax in Python or R, common data centric languages used in machine learning projects, improves as IT professionals expand their machine learning skills. Additionally, data analysis skills can increase as machine learning engineers outline the fundamentals of analysis within their algorithms. Pushing to a new level of performance always elevates any complementary skills in the process.

Finding the Best Way to Make Machine Learning Skills Pay Off

As the number of machine learning focused companies continues to expand, there’ll be a continuation of a trend that’s plagued IT professionals in recent years: the tone deaf job offers. People with machine learning skills will be a hot commodity and plenty of positions will be sent to them, whether or not they fit that job seeker’s expected salary, project focus, or work environment. With that clutter, it can be easy to overlook genuinely great opportunities.

That’s why it’s important to connect with an IT staffing firm that keeps current with cutting-edge opportunities while respecting your needs during the search process. At TransTech, we value transparency, consistent communication, and real partnership. You can trust that the offers you’re getting are right for you.

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