How the Right Hiring Strategies Compete with Big Tech BrandsCompanies unwilling to regularly evolve their hiring strategies will always struggle with talent acquisition. However, simply abandoning old recruiting habits in favor of the latest fad can be equally harmful. Consistent success happens when companies find the right balance: incorporating cutting-edge HR strategies with strong tactics that still work.

How can your business hire effectively without wasting effort on dead end strategies? Take a page from the success and failure of tech innovators.

In our new eBook “11 Hiring Tactics That Get Tech Companies the Best Talent,” we investigate both the hiring strategies that have differentiated tech giants from the competition and those that have hampered their efforts. You’ll learn:

  • How Google uses data about performance indicators to shed light on what really predicts employee performance.
  • The hiring strategy that ensures Facebook remains agile in evolving marketplaces.
  • How Zappos identifies incredible culture fits (and how too much of a good thing threatens adaptability).
  • And more!