Every four years, we see the nation’s best athletes compete for that Olympic Gold against their brightest peers worldwide. Watching professionals in their prime is just spellbinding because what they achieve seems almost superhuman. But what most of us don’t see is the hours of effort and persistence that culminates in the win. The same goes for the culture of Best and Brightest Company award-winners.

Practice, careful fine-tuning, and commitment to excellence are what propel an IT recruiting firm into the spotlight. In the end, an Olympic Athlete and a Best and Brightest Company share a similar road to get to the gold. Here’s how:

Their Setbacks Are Learning Opportunities

Setbacks are inevitable in business as in any part of life. There’s no way around it, but frankly, that’s a good thing. There are so many lessons to be learned and so much progress to be made when things go wrong. Hiccups along the way get us to reevaluate our strategies and improve our overall performance.

Take Olympic tennis star Serena Williams. She holds four Olympic gold medals in tennis, one for singles and three for doubles. But for the majority of 2014, the Final rounds of any Grand Slam competition evaded her. Serena realized it was her mentality – feeling pressured to surpass Steffi Graf’s record holding Grand Slam wins – that was holding her back.

So, she kept the same hunger to win, but lost the pressure to break records. The results? A stellar win at the 2014 U.S. Open without dropping a set the entire tournament. “I really think a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fail,” Serena has said in a New Yorker interview.

A Best and Brightest Company is the same way. Rather than getting bogged down by setbacks, the goal is to review performance and make forward progress. Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities is one of the things that sets award-winners apart.

We foster an environment where setbacks aren’t a problem. We provide employees with monthly check-ins with their managers to review their happiness, their goals, and what is needed to make both a reality. We gather award submission feedback and ask employees which perks and benefits matter to them. Then, we act upon our findings. More than just commitment, a Best and Brightest Company works to earn results.

Gina Vega, a TransTech IT Staffing Sr. Technical Recruiter, puts it best by saying, “We have a great team attitude and always celebrate each-others wins and pick each other up during losses.”

Staying Competitive Takes Ongoing Commitment

An Olympic athlete doesn’t compete without years of practice. Michael Phelps has swam since age seven. Gymnast Shawn Johnson began training at age three. Qualifying takes years of work and being Olympic ready afterward takes even more.

Each athlete has a regimen to train without overexerting themselves. Look at the gymnastic training camps Shawn Johnson attended every four weeks for years. Every morning at 6:45am, the gymnasts awoke and practice the same techniques to memorize and perfect the movement. That’s day in and day out work.

But Olympic athletes need to be mentally strong as well. Keeping your cool amidst roaring crowds and eerie silences is no small feat. Gold medal-winning gymnast Shannon Miller said, “The physical aspect of the sport can only take you so far. The mental aspect has to kick in, especially when you’re talking about the best of the best.” Meditation, affirmation, and smart goal setting are all skills Olympic athletes learn to get the gold.

That same commitment to improvement applies to a Best and Brightest Company. To quote Socrates, “Education is the kindling of a flame, no the filling of a vessel.” Best and Brightest Companies are always finding new ways to sustain their competitive edge.

One strategy that we found works is to provide employees with paid training and certifications. If it benefits our business, TransTech IT Staffing encourages the team to pursue that new knowledge. We have even training tracks set up to provide structure and keep everyone motivated to move toward their goals. Our employees know how close they are to reaching their goals and push themselves to do it.

Vaishali Pokharkar, Operations Director at TransTech IT Staffing, says, “TransTech IT Staffing is always genuinely invested in everyone’s personal & professional development. We read a business book every quarter and it has always helped me to grow personally and professionally.”

Celebrating in Style

Achieving the gold comes with more than just the glory. Olympic athletes have performed at their peak and victoriously represented their country. All of that hard work and dedication deserves considerable reward. And they sure get it!

In the United States, Olympic gold medalists win a cash prize of $25,000. Plus, there are endorsements and sponsorships that can deliver millions of dollars in a heartbeat. And after their events, many celebrate by seeing the sights, partying, and making unforgettable memories.

Though Best and Brightest Companies may not offer their employees millions, there is definitely focus on keeping them satisfied and engaged. Employee engagement encourages 21% more productivity and 41% fewer mistakes in their work. That’s well worth the effort we put into creating benefits and a rewarding culture.

Rumana Rangwala, Technical Recruiter at TransTech IT Staffing, says, “Every day with TransTech IT Staffing is a good mix of work, fun, and celebrating success.”

That can come in many forms. Our top performers go on trips where all expenses and travel arrangements are paid. A little closer to home, we’ll organize outings to fun places that build our team spirit and sense of togetherness. Their happiness leads to rigorous work and unflinching commitment to the most important part of our business: our clients and candidates

Working with a Best and Brightest Company

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio, our lives will be filled with plenty of examples of excellence in action. What if your business could have an Olympic level performance at your disposal? That’s the real value in hiring a Best and Brightest IT Staffing firm. Our holistic view of staffing and recruitment goes beyond the competition as we are setting high standards in staffing.

Our team is dedicated to providing a rigorous screening process that increases the likelihood of long-term engagement. We collaborate internally to find the right cultural fit within our extensive talent pool. And we’re constantly improving, so our level of recruiting is always at peak performance.

If you want to work with a Best and Brightest IT staffing firm like TransTech IT Staffing, contact us today and we can prove to you first hand that our service is gold medal quality. And if you want to work for a Best and Brightest Company, review our careers page and we’ll see if you fit with our culture.