1. Choose to be positive and optimistic

Being positive and optimistic is a daily choice.  Smiling and offering genuine compliments to others helps you feel better too.  Try setting a daily compliments goal.  It forces you truly understand what is going on in the lives of the people around you.  This makes you a better co-worker, manager, husband, wife, father, mother, etc…

2. Select a strong lifetime mentor

If you don’t have a trusted, non-judgmental coach in your life, you should seriously consider finding one.  This person should be someone you respect that can help you make the right decisions in business and in life.  You need to talk with this person regularly and follow a structured process for obtaining guidance and feedback.

Yes, it is a lot to ask of someone, but they will ultimately benefit from the relationship as much as you do.

3. Set non-negotiable goals

Many of you have heard of a dream board.  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend making one to help you tie what you are doing every day to some long-range stretch goals that are REALLY important to you.

My stretch goal is buying a condo in St. Thomas.  It is light years away, yet seems real because I know what has to be done each year to make that dream a reality.

4. Be sure to read something each and every day

It doesn’t matter if it is a book, article, blog, or something you listen to in the car.  You have to keep learning and sharpening your skills.  This knowledge is what draws others closer to you.  We’ve all heard the saying that if you are jogging in place, the competition is running past you.  Knowledge will help determine whether you eat or are eaten.

5. Motivate yourself

Nobody can really motivate you each day of your life.  It is true you can be in an environment that is conducive to creating motivation, but you have to take responsibility into your own hands.  Getting involved in things you are passionate about at work and at home help to create the energy that is necessary for overcoming day to day obstacles. Without that energy and drive, you get stuck and revert back to what is easy.

6. Move often

How many times do we need to hear the advice to exercise daily?  I started the year significantly overweight and not really doing much exercise.

As a result, my self-esteem and confidence was lower than normal.  Within days of starting a regular routine, my confidence skyrocketed and I felt much better and in command of things at work and at home.

7. Conviction and belief

Stand tall for what you believe in.  Having confidence and truly believing and living by a certain set of values drives you to fight hard for what you believe in each day.

Strong convictions precede action towards whatever you are trying to become…your true potential.