The tech industry sees its fair share of tectonic level shifts. Skills that were sought out one year ago might be old news now. Staying relevant and keeping employers interested takes the right mixture of talents. In 2016, the competitive tech skills that everyone in IT should know can be distilled into three main categories.

Mobile Development Skills

Where would we be without mobile applications? The mobile app market is expected to earn $51 billion by the end of 2016. The promise of profit, brand awareness, and increased operational performance have drawn big brands into the mobile development game and now, even small businesses are hiring developers or approaching IT consultants to whip together their own proprietary apps.

Just how far does the demand go? In the most recent Dice Tech Hiring Survey, 51% of hiring managers confessed that they plan to hire developers in the next year. Many of the prevailing projects will launch new applications or expand upon platforms that already exist.

Which mobile skills pay off the fastest? On the iOS side, mobile developers who are accustomed to Swift are quickly replacing Objective-C masters as the go-to in the industry. Native JavaScript Frameworks, like NativeScript and React Native, are on the rise as well because they make mobile applications easier to build and customize with native components.

Overall, just about any mobile language or framework will provide IT professionals with a competitive handle on the increasingly mobile market.

Cloud Computing Technologies

This year, the cloud services market is expected to grow to $204 billion worldwide. That’s because businesses everywhere are moving to or expanding their cloud services. Whether going for a cloud infrastructure or cloud based applications, businesses of all sizes are seeking out the economically priced speed and efficiency that the cloud has to offer.

Evidence for the demand of cloud based technologies can be seen in the average compensation IT professionals with those competitive tech skills can expect. Knowledge of building and maintaining cloud Platforms as a Service (PaaS) can earn $140,894 a year and OpenStack (used with IaaS development) can earn $138,579. In certain tech sectors, it’s not unheard of for cloud computing professionals to earn over $300,000.

For qualified cloud professionals, there are options across the board. Large cloud service providers are looking for engineers. On the other hand, everyone from small to larger enterprises is seeking out tech talent who can maintain their cloud based tools. At the very least, familiarity with running cloud applications is necessary and will provide most job seekers with no shortage of desirable offers.

Data Analysis

Data drives the contemporary business world and is collected almost indiscriminately in the hopes that any and every kernel will prove fruitful. That’s led businesses to routinely gather terabytes of data, on-site and in the cloud. But what they do with all of that information and insight when they’re done depends on the tech talent at their disposal.

Right now, data expertise is in short supply. By 2018, it’s believed that the talent market will lack 140,000 to 190,000 qualified professionals with deep analytical skills. Include leadership roles that are missing big data competency and the demand easily spikes into the millions. That means there’s a massive opportunity for anyone equipped to handle those data rich roles.

Which big data tools and apps have become the most competitive tech skills? Knowledge of the analytics technology Cassandra can earn IT professionals $147,811 a year and the SAP HANA database management system for complex queries earns $154,749. At the very least, job seekers in the IT sector should be able to run plug and play analytics tools to perfect their craft and provide valuable insight. More companies require analysis in just about every position.

Finding Ways to Get Your Competitive Tech Skills Noticed

Candidates that possess a firm understanding of mobile development, cloud computing, and data analysis will do well in the current market. Yet even with top technical disciplines at their disposal, job seekers can benefit from professional aid as they search for their next job.

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